How to get the most out of HubSpot business news alerts

Five convenient tricks to get the most out of the business news alerts tool for HubSpot CRM. Set it up in a few minutes and start sending truly personalized messages even if you have hundreds of clients.

David Clarke

Newsfeed integration to HubSpot CRM interface

All Clutterless users will automatically see the most recent news headlines for the companies they track within their HubSpot CRM interface. Check the right-hand side (CRM cards) column on any "Company" page. A Clutterless newsfeed CRM card might be at the bottom of the column, but you can (and should!) drag it up to make it more visible and useful.


Dynamic company filters

Clutterless and HubSpot integration is designed that you would never need to update your monitored companies list manually.

Consider trying out company filters on based on a company's lead status or the number of open deals with the company. In this way, any time a new company on HubSpot CRM gets assigned a pre-selected lead status (e.g. "In progress") - it automatically becomes monitored for business news. And likewise, when a company moves out of the target status - you will stop receiving news about it.

Clutterless and HubSpot integration is designed that you would never need to update your monitored companies list manually.

Different subscription plans have different caps on how many companies you can monitor at any point in time, e.g. 20 companies for the free plan (anything above that will simply get ignored), but there is no limit on how often your list of companies can change!

Also, the first email about every new company on your list provides up to five most recent headlines. Therefore, if you set news monitoring early in your sales cycle, you will get a convenient briefing about what has been happening with a particular company before you make your first reach out.


Prepare to react to trigger events from news alerts by having your email templates ready

There is no point from the business news alerts if you do not do anything about them. Take inspiration from these ideas how to react to trigger events and email outreach templates (#1, #2) or craft your own to have it ready for sending to your accounts and prospects.

Review and adjust your company names for the best results

While we use AI tools to automatically get the best results, there are two cases when you might benefit from reviewing and editing how your companies are named on HubSpot.

First, sometimes company names might be unnecessarily long and not in the format that would likely yield any search results (e.g. "International Bank - New Jersey branch (Private) Ltd"). We try to remove things like "Ltd" from the name to improve the results. However, more complex cases like this would benefit from your revision as well. At the bottom of every email, you will find the list of names that yield no results for your review. Click on any of them to go directly to that company's page on HubSpot CRM and rename the company.

Second, some companies are named using very frequent English words (e.g. "Arrival", "Dreams", "Hero"). Adding a longer version of their name or their legal entity abbreviation (e.g. "ltd", "plc", etc.) where possible might improve the search results. A list of such names would also appear at the end of every email.


Links back to the HubSpot CRM

Every newsletter has a "[hs]" link next to a company's name (see the screenshot above) - clicking it will lead you directly to that company's page on HubSpot. Use it to quickly check on the latest interactions with the company or reach out.

Let us know if you need anything else

Know a way how to make this even more convenient? Drop us an email.