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Monitoring sales trigger events for up to 250 companies

  • Monitor up to 250 companies at once (contact us if you need more) - the list can change as often as you want and is automatically updated from the CRM based on your filter criteria

  • Newsfeed integration to HubSpot CRM interface - see key news headlines within HubSpot CRM company pages (example here)

  • AI-powered relevance filters - reduces repeated news articles, irrelevant articles with coinciding keywords, content posted to boost SEO, etc.

  • Dynamic company list filtering based on any CRM company property - last contact date, number of times contacted, company creation date, number of associated deals, industry, country, type, lead status, etc.

  • News categories selection - select to receive only (e.g.) financial and hiring news, but not market news, listicles, or product reviews.

  • Keyword search - set up to receive news articles only containing specific keywords

  • 2x/week newsletters - contact us if you need it more frequently

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